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The Sacred Followers of Roscoe Forthright

Our 57 Lodges in the United States, with 15 international Lodges provide deep, true spiritual      ~ learning ~

for people of all ages and backgrounds.  Master Roscoe Forthright has created lessons and            ~ ritual practices ~

allowing all grown-ups to use their sexual physical bodies as a vehicle to understand and attain   ~   Oneness.    ~

Yoga at Home


 to Sexual 




In the 21st Century spiritual needs

remain unsatisfied for millions of good, strong, loving  people.  The Sacred Teachings  of Roscoe Forthright provide immediate, viable ways to bring Joy and Spiritual Bliss into your life.


(password: Oneness2)

The Sacred Followers of Master

Roscoe Forthright operate 57 Lodges

in the U.S. and 15 more, in Canada,

U.K., Australia, Germany and Japan.


Our physical Lodges and our online

spiritual communities offer many

opportunities for learning, fellowship

and sexual joy and fulfillment, with a

wide variety of partners. Our exclusive

platform ONENESS2 is free to all.

"Re-claim your own spiritual path,

using your own sexual imagination.

The old paths are no longer

worthwhile or relevant."

-Roscoe Forthright, from the Sacred GRIMOIRE. 2020

Our Teachers

High Priestess

Co-Founder of the

Sacred Lodges

Co-Founder &
Lead  Sex Ritual Instructor

Keeper of the Skulls

Lead Instructor

for Semen and

Sex Magick

High Priestess
Lead Oral Sex Instructor

"Good students get

to come in my mouth."

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"Learn to be pumped from behind for spiritual enlightenment."

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