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The Sacred Followers of Roscoe Forthright

Our 57 Lodges in the United States, with 15 international Lodges provide deep, true spiritual      ~ learning ~

for people of all ages and backgrounds.  Master Roscoe Forthright has created lessons and            ~ ritual practices ~

allowing all grown-ups to use their sexual physical bodies as a vehicle to understand and attain   ~   Oneness.    ~

A Few Lodge Locations
                                                 current membership
Denver, CO                                 15
Seattle, WA                                 12
Dallas, TX                                     9
Portland, OR                              9
Austin, TX                                    5
London, UK                                 5
Toronto, Canada                      4
Oudenburg, Belgium           3
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To our 10,000 to 15,000 weekly viewers ~ ~ ~

We have become aware, many people believe this is a porn website, or some

Hollywood gimmick, some fantasy entertainment invented for the purpose of making money.  Our website is designed to be entertaining, but that is not

our primary goal.  Entertainment is truly irrelevant in the larger picture of our lives. ~~~  As the creator and producer of this content, as the leader of an international sex cult, I feel it is essential to say clearly, I welcome all viewers, and each viewer may choose to believe whatever they wish to believe.  I wish to say everything you see is real.   The encrypted group sex hook-up platform,

ONENESS2 is real.  My teachings about Universal Oneness are real.

When I say the leaders of governments and corporations have mediocre and defective imaginations, I am making a statement of fact.  Do not believe those small and useless versions of reality.  There is a lot more going on in the Universe, wonderful things their defective minds cannot even imagine.

With sincere affection, Roscoe Forthright,  Vancouver Island, BC

"Re-claim your own spiritual path,

using your own sexual imagination.

The old paths are no longer

worthwhile or relevant."

- Roscoe Forthright, from the Sacred GRIMOIRE. 2020

"When the diamond (penis) is connected to the lotus (vagina) in the union of both polarities, one worships the Buddhas and the diamond beings with the sacred drops of one's semen."

Guhyasamaja Tantra.   4th century.  attributed to Asanga, a Yogacara master

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