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The Sacred Followers of Roscoe Forthright

Our 57 Lodges in the United States, with 15 international Lodges provide deep, true spiritual      ~ learning ~

for people of all ages and backgrounds.  Master Roscoe Forthright has created lessons and            ~ ritual practices ~

allowing all grown-ups to use their sexual physical bodies as a vehicle to understand and attain   ~   Oneness.    ~

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A Few Lodge Locations
                                                 current membership
Denver, CO                                 15
Seattle, WA                                 12
Dallas, TX                                     9
Portland, OR                              9
Austin, TX                                    5
London, UK                                 5
Toronto, Canada                      4
Oudenburg, Belgium           3
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   Stella Marteau    



We truly appreciate our 14,000 to 18,000 weekly viewers!!

We have become aware, some people believe this is a porn website,  or some goofy Hollywood gimmick, some fantasy entertainment invented for the purpose of making money.  Our website is designed to be entertaining, but that is not

our primary goal.   Roscoe says: "Let the girls come first!"

"After 50 years of stroking my enthusiastic cock, I have learned some self-control. On most occasions, even when there are four or five young human females with their vaginae full of dildos and vibrators, the room buzzing with electrified silicone,  girls squirming and moaning,  even under those demanding conditions,  I let the girls complete their orgasms before I spurt my modest gushes of semen.

I attempt to be polite, waiting until the smiling woman is at the peak of her joy, and I only gush cream onto their faces or into their mouths, when I know they enjoy that sort of thing. Some of my female Followers prefer to take my semen in their vaginas and anuses. Anal girls-- ohhhh, an Immense Blessing from God!!    I like to bend them over the oak altar and pump them from behind. I save anal pumping for special occasions, like birthdays, Christmas, or the Solstice and Equinox celebrations.

But, enough about me. I am only one elderly gentlemen offering joy to the world, with many videos of young, willing, friendly, eager, beautiful, exquisite women having orgasms. My motto is:    Shoot cream into, onto or very close to beautiful naked women as often as possible.   In addition to great physical joy and pleasure, the spurting of semen can be a religious experience. I realize many people have never thought about fucking as a ceremonial or religious experience, but many people have limited imaginations.

I can do nothing about the limited imaginations of other people. I can do nothing about lifetimes of inaccurate education, or inaccurate understanding what makes our lives spiritual. The Roman Catholic Church could have saved billions of dollars in lawsuits, for those pedophile settlements, if they had only understood the spiritual value of fucking. And many people might get more from porn, if porn had some worthwhile spiritual content. Why do most people not think about such things, which are obvious to me?? !!!   Fucking has been extremely popular for millions of years. Biology is not the only reason fucking has been popular among humans for millions of years.

But, I know people come to this webpage for sexy stories, whack-off stories of all kinds. Only a handful of readers will want to think further about their own sexual motivations-- motivations deeper than sexual hunger. For most readers, the words I write here and now, will not be the entertainment they are looking for.... "These are not the droids you are looking for."  As with people who only want action-packed thriller chase scenes in major motion pictures, my talk about sex rituals, spiritual uses of sexuality are not for everyone. I provide no chase scenes.

Even with all this, my physical Lodges and my Oneness2 zoom platform have proven to be very popular. Many people want to sign-up, and since I have no bureaucratic infrastructure, my website is not prepared for this large amount of interest. We communicate with large audiences as best we can. For now, I content myself with spreading THE IDEA, the real possibility our sexual desire is something much larger and much more important than most of us have ever considered."

Enough for now!  Watch my videos!  Stroke your cocks!  Touch your vaginal lips!            Have immensely satisfying orgasms!

With sincere affection, Roscoe Forthright  @ ART CAMP,  on Vancouver Island, BC

"Re-claim your own spiritual path,

using your own sexual imagination.

The old paths are no longer

worthwhile or relevant."

- Roscoe Forthright, from the Sacred GRIMOIRE. 2020

"When the diamond (penis) is connected to the lotus (vagina) in the union of both polarities, one worships the Buddhas and the diamond beings with the sacred drops of one's semen."

Guhyasamaja Tantra.   4th century.  attributed to Asanga, a Yogacara master

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