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What are your expectations right here, right now? On this website we offer some quick, fleshy entertainment with a collection of pretty naked young females. Is that your only expectation? To be entertained for a few moments of your life, these few moments of browsing the internet? We offer pretty, young naked females sucking cocks, because those images and those actions are very popular! Nothing wrong with that! But, the videos alone will not add much of value to your life.


What truly does add value to your life? If you have any brains at all, entertainment is only a small portion of your life. Most people expect more, and want more. And, the expensively hyped entertainment from the new streaming services, is based on the premise people want to see hours and hours and hours of old movies, or poorly conceived new movies. What a grotesque waste of time? And a waste of your money. On roscoe forthright.com we offer everything FOR FREE! Specifically, because most people need their money for things more important than entertainment. Unlike most available entertainments, we are not out to raid your wallet.


Thinking about entertainment, leads me inevitably to the subject of superficiality. Those things of minimal content and minimal value which monopolize mainstream media. Like Reality Television, and 99% of everything produced by major media and entertainment companies. Apparently, the decision-makers are certain, superficial content is the content which attracts the largest audience, and therefore generates the most advertizing revenue. The ads are what matter. Even on the Evening News. Especially on the Evening News. Big media does not want to offer any News with serious content, because that would disrupt the business-model. The business model based on the assumption-- superficial, loud, repetitive content is what viewers want, and what draws the largest audience.


Big media probably has pie-charts, graphs and mountains of statistical viewing data To Prove audiences are stupid and only want superficial content. And that is what matters. Because the ad revenue is what matters. Actual reality. Coherently presented facts. A rational world-view. None of those things matter, especially on the Evening News. So don't be expecting to get accurate information on any subject except the weather, and the sports scores. News departments no longer have any use for accurate information in other areas of human knowledge. I notice big media spends a whole lot of time pushing this or that version of reality, and showing us lots of murders, and talk about how white cops are killing black people. The hundreds of black people, murdered by black people every month, in Chicago, and in other major cities, are not worthy of national or local news reporting.


Big media exists to promote this or that agenda, depending on what propaganda the owners of the station wish to push, this or that week. I notice most stations end up sounding exactly like each other, pushing the same agendas, attempting to convince us all. Those invented views of reality, are the only views of reality. All commentary, in the news and in fictional TV shows, is directed to that one specific goal. Generate an invented view of reality, and convince hundreds of millions of people that view is the only accurate view. And the only possible view. And the view you must accept, unless you wish to be shouted down, and called, racist, gender-phobic, anti-American, radical, or even be labeled a terrorist, because you refuse to be a bobble-head, nodding and agreeing with every piece of bullshit shoveled your way. Independent and rational free thought. That is not to be tolerated.

So it is. Your own expectations are manipulated by the propaganda forced at you from all directions. Your corporate employer offers its own version of non-stop reality-bending, to work hand-in-hand with the reality bending of big media. The ultimate, though entirely unstated goal, the ultimate goal of both big media and multinational corporations, and of your own government is the enslavement of your mind. By pushing propaganda at us from all directions, at all times, in all places, the result is a distortion of the self-definition, and a distortion of the worldview of hundreds of millions of people.

This goes on every day. And has gone on every day for my whole lifetime. It is worse over the past 20 years because of the increasing control over all media outlets, over all audiences, across most of our planet.


The Chinese Communist Party is more effective with its propaganda than the Republican and Democratic Parties of the United States. I believe our government leaders secretly, deeply, truly admire the effectiveness of the propaganda of the Communist Party of China. No other nation on Earth crafts its propaganda, and spreads it as widely as China. Our leaders truly wish they could do it that well. With the assistance of business corporations, big media, and big education they are doing their best to create one cohesive, immaculately tailored view of reality for all of us to wear. Notice I mention big education. Yes. That means the major college or university where you got your all-important degrees and certifications. They all accept government money, and are expected to push the government version of reality. Try to keep a job at any major college, while speaking honestly and openly about immense failures of specific government leaders. Few people get away with that. Free speech in the United States does not extend so far, as to include free thinking, and freedom of expression among university professors.


I have not mentioned religions. Religions played a much larger role in generating a worldview, sixty years ago than they do now. In many places religious doctrines have been replaced, to a large extent, by corporate doctrines. The worldview of the corporation has replaced the worldview of the church. A rationalist, mechanical view of reality, in many places has replaced any viable spiritual view of reality. Some people attempt to live in two worlds. Their personal view of reality, and the reality they mouth, and act out, and agree to when they are at work, when they are talking with employers. Especially when talking with corporate employers.


After all this. What are your actual expectations? How many of those expectations did you create for yourself? How many are innate expressions of who you are as a human being? How many are carefully crafted results of twenty or forty years of pervasive propaganda, rammed down your throat, across your entire lifetime? What personal hopes and expectations were invented by other people, and poured into your brain, and accepted as your own personal, organically grown expectations?