At the Roscoe Forthright Meditation Centers, we get the job done. We believe, sitting around cross-legged and empty-headed, mumbling mantras, and listening to electronic keyboard music, and listening to Peruvian flutes with lots of reverberation, will not get anyone, one centimeter closer to God. We believe in our physical bodies. The warm, delicious, aroused sexual power of our physical bodies. We are kinetic beings. Sitting still for hours will only get your tight little asshole sore. You may pump out some enlightenment if you have ingested enough ecstasy, or gotten past the vomit and shit stage of ayahuasca. But, all that is so unnecessary. Your own body is your heavenly chariot. You need no extra chemicals.


So let's get to it. I enjoy being spanked. Spanked hard. And Roscoe does that for me. He has been slapping my round, soft fanny for five or six years, and I look forward to the next five or six years. I enjoy sucking cocks. We invite young, spiritual men to our Meditation Centers, and I suck, lick, stroke and thoroughly enjoy, those many wonderful erect cocks. I am a semen and sex magic expert, having studied ancient and modern sex rituals, and performed many spells and incantations of ceremonial and practical magic. Our meditation practices are much closer to pagan fertility rites than they are to Buddhist and Hindu yoga. Roscoe has gone further and revived sex rituals from ancient Japan, a school of Buddhism which existed in Japan around one thousand, one hundred in the Common Era.


We offer our form of religious sexuality as a direct, and easily understood spiritual practice. Most everyone knows about getting-off. Spurting cream and having female orgasms is universally understood by most people in most places. Unlike the complicated back-story of most religions, we have no relevant back-story, and need no relevant back-story. The only important thing is the primal and spiritual experience a person has, and the rituals, and the general cosmic understanding which allow people to access and enjoy religious experiences. Not the quiet mumbling religious experience of submissives. We enjoy the active experience of religion, like Whirling Dervishes and other forms of Sufism. Music, dance, our physical bodies creating religious trances, and religious ecstasies.


With our encrypted zoom platform, One-ness 2, we are able to hold group sex rituals across all 57 physical locations in the U.S., as well as our Lodges in Canada and other places. The encryption allows us to operate in complete privacy, far off the radar of government and corporate snoops. Unlike the saucy young women, who get men to beat-off with web cams, we are not tied to any hackable, traceable and trackable internet software. When you beat off with us, we are the only people who are able to watch you beat off. Your local Homeland Security and F.B.I. officers will get no where, trying to watch you beat-off on our One-ness 2 platform. The government hackers of China and Russia have been unable to gain access to our warm, wet, friendly, little vaginas. We share our vaginas and our spurting cocks only with each other, not with snooping hackers.


One-ness 2 has been our giant, huge, massive, public service. We use the platform for our church sermons and rituals, but we have also made it available to the general public. This allows Susie in Minneapolis to get-off with Bill in Tulsa, and Jenny in Atlanta to get-off with Tammy in South Dakota.

A completely free and completely private adult hook-up platform. We hope many more people will enjoy our public service. We are like the Salvation Army, we do it for everyone. Everyone is welcome.

And good luck to all the unhappy snoops, trying six ways to Sunday to crack our codes! You will never crack our codes.  The only way snoops can see our site is by signing-up and jacking-off with us. One-ness 2 is our contribution to Freedom, Free Will and Personal Privacy in the 21st Century.  All kinds of people are out to get your money, and invade your privacy as much as possible, as a way to raid your wallet, as a way to turn each and every citizen into a compliant, docile and submissive slave.


We have taken a first step in asserting personal freedom across all borders.

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