NO. 9  by

Gina Caprice Swan

Enjoying the Cock-Pleasure Business

Perhaps you have seen videos of me with my mouth, pussy or anus full of big, thick, glorious, eager cocks. Perhaps you have seen bursts of semen splashing my face. These things happen. Perhaps you are a boy, and you have jacked your own glorious, eager cock, and spurted your own cream as you watched these videos. These things occur. Human occurrences on a daily basis. I usually get paid very well for such videos, though 80% of the time, the people involved do not really give a rat's ass about each other. They are there for the cash. Everyone gets used like a slab of meat. 20% of the time it is not so bad, with a few normal, rational humans involved. Once every few years, one or two of the people involved even love each other.

Porn is not a business for making best-friends-forever. Because so many of the people were mother-fuckers, I decided to up my game, dump the porn and go straight into hookerism. Elite hookerism. $2000 for each little blowjob. Marketing is everything. When I moved to New York City, I focused my marketing on the wealthy elite, boys with pockets full of cash, and vanities as big as a bus. Just as in any other business, if the customer believes they are getting the best blowjob East of the Rockies, they will pay whatever I ask them to pay. Local girls in Seattle or Hoboken might charge $200 or less for the exact same blowjob.  But I see no reason to settle for pennies.  I have enough marketing material to keep the boys coming and coming and coming.

Having said all this, readers can decide for themselves the relative morality, and the relative psychologically devastation I bring into the world. My economic choices are as rational as the choices of any world leader who decides to kill people for oil fields, or for any other economic reason. My choices are as rational as the well-training engineer who builds rockets for Lockheed-Martin, to deliver death to people in distant places. What is their relative morality compared to mine. Nobody gets dead while I earn money, and nobody is threatened with nuclear annihilation when I use my skills and talents. The moral weight of blowing people up, or threatening to blow people up does not seem to matter to many leaders of government. Mass killing is a useful tool for those people. I have never had the desire to blow up anyone. I do blowjobs. And that is my most profitable skill.

As far as psychological destruction. That is impossible to measure. I am certain such destruction occurs in the mind of all slaves, sex slaves, economic slaves, slaves created by propaganda. And some portion of my mind, would prefer not to suck very elite cock whose owner hands me $2000. But the point becomes irrelevant. There are no finely calibrated scientific instruments to measure the half-life of moral decay. And large bank accounts mitigate a multitude of sins, and make these sins unimportant in the daily life of the owners of the bank accounts. A dictator in central Africa does not mind selling all the resources of his country to the Chinese, while the people of his nation starve to death. He just shoots the protesters, and buys himself a Porsche, and spends more time in Southern California than in his African nation. Various leaders of government in the U.S., UK or Canada do not mind if people die from their bad choices, as long as there is a bank account waiting for them, when they are no longer leaders of government.

I can say accurately, semen in my mouth, semen in my vagina and semen inside my anus has never killed anyone, nor destroyed the economy of any nation, nor allowed corporations to become the new master-slave traders, controlling the livelihood and self-definitions of hundreds of millions of people. I like my bank accounts as much as anyone. And I do what I do to ensure the growth and sustainability of my bank accounts.  I am a businesswomen, with a niche market.   God Bless Capitalism!