This story contains many of the important social, political, economic, philosophical and spiritual insights of Roscoe Forthright.

It is recommended only for people who truly enjoy reading, as it requires a long attention-span, and some creative imagination.  This is not a story for people who enjoy sound-byte, snap-chat quick and shallow information.

The story is full of information which is immediately relevant and important to your personal survival in the 21st Century.  It provides an outline for personal stability and happiness.  It speaks clearly about the politically correct nonsense, and truly evil propaganda, which is shouted at us every single day.

A story of Lord Shiva's

throbbing purple cock.

Online cell-phone friendly excerpts

from Roscoe's Sacred Book

the BIG one:

Roscoe Forthright.  GRIMOIRE

911MB. pdf.  158 pages.  This is the complete book with high-res images.