Further Information on Sex Rituals

Our 57 Lodge locations in the U.S. are having trouble keeping up the the volume of requests for membership. Over the past three months, interest in The Sacred Followers of Roscoe Forthright has skyrocketed, mostly because of our website (this website) and our high-security zoom-like, free sex meet-up platform, Oneness2. Oneness2 is also popular outside the U.S, in Canada, Germany, Spain, Turkey, Belgium, U.K. And Norway. Everyone enjoys fucking. Popular as ever!!


In most cities, like Denver, Dallas and Chicago, our Lodges keep a low profile. Often we are located in downtown and in residential areas. Downtown Chicago. In Denver the Lodge is near the University of Colorado. In the Dallas area, our Lodge is near the Home Depot in Carrollton.  In Zebulon, North Carolina, we are near the Walmart Supercenter.  (Our High Priestess, Katana lives in Lizard Lick.) 


We deliberately do not advertise our presence in any community, because secret orgasmic group sex rituals near Walmart or Home Depot is convenient for our Followers, but needs to remain hush-hush from local city residents. We do not want any trouble coming our way from unimaginative, highly offended self-righteous people.


I do wish to apologize to our viewers, those sincere people who have attempted to make contact with us, and received no response. We simply are not set-up to handle high-volume inquiries. I direct website contacts to the Lodge closest to the inquiry location. Each of our Lodges has only five to ten members, so all business must be handled by those few people, in addition to their spiritual work, and the business of their own daily lives. As with everyone else, Covid has thrown and add layer of complication into our lives, and everything takes longer to get done than it would under normal conditions. Having said that, we will respond to messages, inquiries in the order in which they are received. Those of you who have expressed interest in Oneness2, will receive passwords and login information, which is all you need to enjoy those national and international hookups. There is no special requirement for internet speed or data capacity. Most any internet connection will do. (I know several people who have had delicious internet sex, sitting in the back of their SUV, behind tinted windows, using the WiFi at McDonald's. Our encryptions are not hindered at all by public WiFi. Your privacy is secure even in that setting.)


I am aware, many people are curious about the details of our sex rituals, the rituals we use for worship and for meditation in our Lodges. I describe a few of the ritual we use, the ones we have adapted from the Japanese Utagaki seems to have its originated in the Kofun period, around the reign of Emperor Kenzo, but it reached its height during the Nara period (710-794 CE).  Localized variations abounded, though most of them featured the offering of ritual sexual activity to the local gods, allowed on this occasion by the temporal abolishment of social norms of marriage and decorum.  Utagaki was meant to increase both female fertility and male virility with the blessing of the deities, bringing prosperity to villages and their inhabitants. We also have created rituals from  1114 CE prototypes, in the Tachikawa-ryu School of Tantric Buddhism, rituals inclined towards secret usage of sexual energy as a method to attain spiritual bliss. It appears from the historical record that Tachikawa-ryu was very widely accepted and practiced and by the middle of the 13th century during the Nanboku-chō period had become a major contender with the orthodox branch of Shingon Buddhism. The sacred text, the Sutra of Secret Bliss (ca. 1100), the full title of which is "Sutra Proclaiming the Secret Method Enabling a Man and a Woman to Experience the Bliss of Buddhahood in this Very Body~ contains the school's general teachings concerning sexuality and its role in reaching enlightenment.


~ ~  "Sexual intercourse between a man and a woman is the supreme buddha activity. Sex is the source of intense pleasure, the root of creation, necessary for every living being, and a natural act of regeneration. To be united as a man and woman is to united with Buddha."   ~ ~


We believe the perception of reality, as described over 1000 years ago, by these monks in Japan, is an accurate perception of reality. We are not nearly as exotic as the original rituals. For example, here is an excerpt from the Skull Ritual.


~ ~  “Then he must have sexual intercourse with the skull and with a beautiful and willing woman, and must repeatedly wipe the liquid product (the mixture of male and female seminal and vaginal secretions) of this act on the skull until it reaches 120 layers. Each night at midnight he must burn "Spirit returning" incense (frankincense),  pass the smoke through the eye holes of the skull, and chant a "spirit returning" mantra fully and perfectly one thousand times. “  ~ ~


That sort of thing is far too demanding and exotic for most people in the 21st Century.  It may, in fact, be a physical impossibility to coat a skull  120 times with semen and vaginal juices.  Fucking skulls in any fashion sounds very uncomfortable to me.  And I see no reason to go that far.  Having a skull on the altar is good enough for our purposes.

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