a story of sex rituals

This 25-minute audio-book is a small portion of the 240-page novel by Roscoe Forthright.  The complete novel includes the entire backstory of Roscoe's spiritual awakening and his communion with Deities of several major religions.  This excerpt follows Roscoe's face-to-face encounter with the Archangel Gabriel.  Most humans would not know what to do with such an experience.  Roscoe did not know what to do with the experience.  He finally accepted the Visitation as part of his Reality, and revised his belief system to accommodate the new information.

I wish to add, in our current New World Order of heavily filtered algorithms, stories like this one, a story for grown-ups, and images of people fucking, are considered DANGEROUS, and are buried deep by the search engines, and the people driving the search engines.  I have no patience at all for any of the current internet censorship nonsense.  Everything I do or say is considered to be Porn, and therefore can not possibly be considered artistic or worthwhile, and must be removed from all public servers worldwide.  That is the attitude of the people in charge of mass media these days.  These people do not want me talking about Universal One-ness while I show images of hard cocks and wet vaginae.

  ---  your Supreme & Glorious Leader,  Roscoe Forthright

Even as Pan gushes honest, salty cream on Amber's crescent-moon fanny, in  21st Century America, progressive liberal people generally believe they are all-knowing, with a righteous moral bead on Reality.... socially progressive mandates often require  the suppression of facts, and the complete suppression of rational thought.

One-ness.  Intellectual and emotional understanding of One-ness. Master Roscoe Forthright provides concise teachings, fully aware most people visiting this website will pay no attention at all, and will ignore the useful ideas and information found here.  Roscoe is fully aware, most people, boys and girls watching our videos want a quick sexual thrill, they want some entertainment, they want to get-off.  Nothing wrong with any of that. But those tens of thousands of people learn nothing at  all.  They could learn something.  But they choose to ignore the information, as if they already know everything they need to know.


Watch this video as you masturbate.  This ritual is for heterosexual boys, lesbian girls and bisexual girls.  Masturbate and masturbate.  And say the words out loud.  Repeat the words, over and over as you masturbate.  Immerse yourself completely in the beauty and the arousal of each woman.  Let your body become fully aroused, and hold yourself on the edge of orgasm.  Do this over and over again, holding back your orgasm, until you are able to watch the entire 15-min. video fully aroused.  After 12 or 15 minutes of full arousal, let yourself come.  Come and come!  You have learned this important lesson.  The lesson of self-control.

Forest Songs.

Teachings of Roscoe Forthright


Forest Song no. 1

1. Oneness exists beyond the manipulation of human minds.

2. Economics, politics, social structures, science, the building of

cities and nations, what people eat, what people wear, what music

people play, what art and machines people create~~ all these exist

within the Oneness.

3. The creations of humans often obscure or annihilate accurate

perceptions and accurate understanding of reality. Reality and

Oneness exist without regard for what people think or say about

reality and Oneness. Like stars and galaxies, these are self-defined.

4. Each individual person is an essential living cell in the living

body of the Cosmos. Therefore, each person is connected to all other

living things, and even connected to inanimate things.

5. Separateness from other people, separateness from the living

Cosmos is an illusion, and inaccurate understanding of reality.

6. Powerful people enjoy the illusion of separateness, because the

illusion allows them to push other people around, to make slaves, to

brutalize slaves, to eat-up the lives of millions of people and kill them.

7. Powerful people sleep well at night only because they have no

understanding of Oneness. The more they understand, the less they

sleep. For this reason, clear thinking is discouraged by propaganda.

8. Never trust a powerful person who says: “I care about you.”

Listen closely to the powerful people who say: “I truly do not care

about you at all. I get things done, to benefit myself, my family and my

friends. The rest of you are means to that end.”

Forest Song no. 2

1. Religions are inventions of creative human minds. No existing

religion contains the Oneness; no existing religion accurately

describes Cosmic cause-and-effect. Philosophy, science and

technologies are even less useful for creating accurate perceptions.

2. Religions are glorious attempts to understand the Oneness, and

communicate such understanding to millions of people. Religions

should be praised and applauded for that noble effort.

3. Religions should not be believed. Belief is for people who lack

spiritual experience. With spiritual experience, belief becomes fact.

4. Never trust an honest man. Any human who declares themselves

to be honest, honestly does not accurately know themselves. Better to

trust a man who knows he is a lair.

5. The Doctrines of Roscoe Forthright are no better than any accepted

religion or spiritual philosophy. These doctrines are not to be trusted.

6. Trust the man who knows he is a liar; that man speaks truth

accurately, even while most often being a liar. Most great men have the

ability to lie effectively and effortlessly, over long periods of time:  presidents, generals, popes, dalai lamas, and college professors.

7. Many methods evoke spiritual experiences. Even well-written

fiction can open a spiritual imagination. Fiction is as good as

documented facts when used to stimulate one's imagination. Use

whatever works. Your honest imagination is more useful than most

well-written, nationally broadcast statistics and propaganda.

8. Do not demand accurate descriptions of reality from your

political leaders. They are unfamiliar with that concept. The most

useful descriptions of reality will come from your own personal,

spiritual experience, as you strive toward Oneness.



Forest Song no. 3

1. Enjoyed fully, male and female orgasms may open the Cosmic

Gate, your individual self merging with the Oneness.

2. Enjoyed superficially, male and female orgasms may be pleasant

and satisfying, with no further value.  Like a good sneeze.

3. Enjoyed as a function of vanity, male and female orgasms hold

no viable meaning at all, and are simply a waste of time.

4. Enjoyed as a biological function, a necessity like food and water,

male and female orgasms may or may not create babies, as a random

accident or as a deliberate intention.

5. Each individual adult person decides what their orgasms will

do, or not do. There exists a wide spectrum of opportunities. Tens of

thousands of people function far below their intellectual and spiritual

capacity, far below the innate capacity of their DNA.

6. To forward the evolution of humankind, tens of millions of

people must learn to value their orgasms, not wasting them like

chewed tobacco, a stimulant to be spit out and forgotten.

7. The Rites and Doctrines of Roscoe Forthright are one pleasant way to

increase spiritual awareness, to add spiritual value to adult orgasms.

8. Without a growth of spiritual awareness, without fiery and clear

recognition of Oneness, millions of humans will continue to sleepwalk

in darkness, and remain slaves to the uninspiring ideas of mediocre

minds. Powerful people enjoy forcing their mediocre ideas on other

people, and would control billions of lives if they could.

Forest Song no. 4

1. Rejoice! When love juices, female nectar or male cream

invigorate your thirsty tongue!  Savor the salty taste of creation!

2. Rejoice! When semen gushes from an erect phallus! When a

female orgasm makes vaginal folds puffy and tender!

3. Rejoice! In the Oneness made possible by exquisite physical

joys!  Worship your lover's sacred aroused and aching flesh!

4. Hear the Divine Wisdom! Hear Oneness within the Lion's Roar.

Your own male or female voice is a song of sparrows, warblers, wrens

and forest thrushes, of eagles, osprey, elk and deer. Your orgasm is the Lion's Roar.

5. Speak the Divine Wisdom!  Your best orgasms contain Divine Joy. You have experienced Divine Joy. Recognize Oneness within you.

With language, tenderness and deliberate love, share your joy with

other grown-ups.

6. Savor the Divine Wisdom! Orgasms which bring Oneness are

feasts of celebration. Let your tongue dance to each spice, flavor,

texture, aromatic and visual joy~~ remember all these joys!

7. Perpetuate the Divine Wisdom! Offer yourself frequently to your

lover!  Learn precisely each erotic gesture to sustain each arousal.

Rejoice, and practice these joys like a well-tuned musical instrument.

8. Teach the Divine Wisdom!  You have experienced Oneness.

Compose your own verses to communicate your knowledge and joy.

Tens of thousands of adult men and women live in a spiritual vacuum,

longing-for, but finding no useful religious doctrines.


Forest Song no. 5

1. Used with skill, 21st Century dildos and vibrators are religious

tools, equal to the Crucifix, the Six-Pointed Star and the Pentacle. Do not laugh.  A good dildo is a work of art, and the Hand of God!

2. Used with skill, a masturbatory hand strokes an erect phallus, or touches vaginal folds with the sacred precision of The Lord's

Prayer: “Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name.

Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our debts,

as we also have forgiven our debtors.  And lead us not into

temptation, but deliver us from evil.”  Deliver us from the temptations and evil of mediocre minds of leaders of nations and corporations.

3. Used with skill, a sexual prayer evokes spiritual energy equal to

the energy of a non-sexual prayer.  Sexual prayers are the prerogative

of grown-ups.  And may be used when lesser prayers are ineffective.

4. Who will deliver the Sacred Teachings?

5. What words will best communicate Divine Truth?

6. When will each evangelist be prepared to discuss Oneness, and

accurately describe the paths to Oneness.

7. How will the sexual doctrines be received within the obsessively

closed and secular sexual minds of 21st Century men and women?

8. Where will each evangelist find the most receptive audience for

the Forest Songs?  Weed shops? Bohemian Grove? College campuses, Burning Man events, Comic Con?  All these are possible.

Forest Song no. 6

1. Forest thrushes sing because they cannot remain silent. Seekers

of Oneness sing because they have heard thrushes sing. Tell me what

you have learned.

2. The Sexual Path toward Oneness includes ten million nonsexual

joys. Watch a seal catch a salmon, watch an orca catch a seal,

watch a man or a woman watching the salmon, the seal and the orca.

Tell me what you have learned.

3. When deer enter my yard to eat clover or the tender buds on

low branches, I do not say, “Stop that! You must pay for that

privilege!” ~~ Powerful people demand such payment from other

humans, as if that demand were reasonable. Tell me what you have


4. The hummingbird who forgot to fly south for the winter, finds

warmth in my garage, and I feed him sugar-water. The bird pleases me. His gorget, the shimmering patch of iridescent feathers

on his throat pleases me.

His three to four year life span, so much shorter than my

own, I can afford to be generous. Tell me what you have learned.

5. The Canadian geese who never forget to fly south, cooperate

with each other to make sure everyone is safe and fed. Humans often

ignore each other, not caring when many in the same flock, in the

same town, in the same nation, are not safe or fed. Tell me what you

have learned.

6. A King Bolete mushroom pushes up through hard soil under

cedar trees, rising to full glory within two days. Within a week, often

these mushrooms are consumed by insects and their larvae, or

banana slugs. The short life of the King Bolete exists to produce food

for other species, including a few lucky humans. Tell me what you

have learned.


7. Our Sun, the star of our solar system, combusts at a safe

distance, and cares nothing at all about our wars, our nations, our

political leaders, nor our religions and spiritual philosophies. No life

on Earth would exist without solar combustion, and the Star asks

nothing in return. It truly does not care what we do or say, or how we

live or how we die. It combusts because it cannot remain dark. Tell

me what you have learned.


8. You have told me all you have learned, and I reply with

further information: “All you have learned is one grain of sand on the

bottom of the Mariana Trench, almost seven miles below the surface

of one ocean on one small planet in one small galaxy. The Oneness

demands further effort from your sacred creative imagination.”


Forest Song no. 7

1. A novice will ask: “Master Roscoe, were your Rites and

Doctrines revealed to you by God or His Messengers? ~ And the

Master replies: “My Rites and Doctrines have been revealed by all

gods and all their sacred messengers, over thousands of years.

2. A novice will ask: “Master Roscoe, how do you know your

spiritual experiences and revelations are real, and not a fantasy

created by your own imagination? ~ And the Master replies: “You ask

this question only because you have had few religious experiences, or

because you do not recognize your own spiritual experiences. You

hear a wood thrush and think, 'That is a wood thrush, only one small

bird in a small forest on a small planet.' “

3. A novice will ask: “Master Roscoe, please tell me why few other

religions practice sexual rituals.~ And the Master replies: “Few

religions have learned to harness the innate spiritual power of human

sexuality. The leaders of most religions feel impotent and threatened

by any spiritual power which remains entirely outside the control of

their traditions, rites and doctrines. Marriage ceremonies were

invented as an ritualized attempt to control sexual behavior.”

4. A novice will ask: “Master Roscoe, what is the role of

governments in the forward progress of human civilization?~ And the

Master replies: “Government exist to keep the lights turned on, to

provide a framework of civil laws for the smooth working of society,

and to some extent provide military protection from outside

aggressors. (The military role is often far over-rated.) Governments

have no cause to meddle in the personal lives of their citizens.

Governments do not exist to make a few people wealthy, while

enslaving millions of citizens. Many 21st Century government leaders

hold inaccurate views of their role in human civilization.”

5. A novice will ask: “Master Roscoe, while preaching your gospel,

you operate without a Church organization, without pieces of real

estate, without large bank accounts. Would your Rites and Doctrines

touch more lives as an organized, wealthier religion?~ And the Master

replies: “Maybe. I enjoy real estate and a good bank account as much

as any person. But often, those become impediments to teaching,

burdens and distractions. Wealth creates an illusion of separateness.

A homeless man looks through an open car window, at the happy man

and woman inside a Porche, and feels no spiritual connection. The

man and woman also feel no serious spiritual connection, even when

they donate money to the Church Shelter. An average Christian megachurch reaches more parishioners each week than I do.

But, what exactly do those churches teach all those people?”


6. A novice will ask: “Master Roscoe, what makes you believe your

Rites and Doctrines carry value not found in Christian, Muslim,

Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist, Wiccan, Sikh or Pagan rites and

doctrines?” ~ And the Master laughs, saying: “My young one, I am not

going for a Doctrine-of-the-Century Award! I compete with no other

religion or philosophy. My Rites and Doctrines are relevant only

because they work. My Rites and Doctrines help some Seekers toward

Oneness. I notice, some famous religious faiths divide people, keep

them in perpetual separateness, and teach little about Oneness.”

7. A novice will ask: “Master Roscoe, if I submit to your beliefs and

practice your Rites and Doctrines, will I become a better person and

have a happier life?” ~ The Master replies: “I promise no noticeable

improvements in your moral, emotional, physical or social life. Unlike

some religions, I make no promises I cannot keep. I offer a collection

of ideas, several rituals and doctrines to improve your spiritual life.

What you do with those ideas, how you practice the rituals and

doctrines, and the results of your thoughts and actions are entirely

choices and results of your free will. Free will is the operative sacred

precondition of any spiritual experience. Unlike some religions,

including the modern religions of science, technology and psychiatry,

I never say: 'My way is the only way to attain accurate descriptions of

reality or peace-of-mind, or Salvation or Oneness'. “

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