As the popularity of Oneness2 continues to explode exponentially, governments have became desperate, still unable to hack or block the complex codes and processes invented by Anon.donor. Unfortunately for the leaders of governments, the stay-at-home restrictions forced on entire populations during Covid, resulted in millions of people now being very comfortable at home, and comfortable having sex with people in distant places from the comfort of their own couches, chairs and beds.

Many people prefer to have online sex, rather than dealing with the stress and anxiety of messy, emotionally complicated in-person sex.

Oneness2 provides a spiritual option and a sexual option at the same time, for tens of thousands of men and women. The participants are not at all limited to young people. Many older men and women also enjoy masturbating with the younger people, sometimes cloak their screens, being shy to be seen by the other participants. A few people have expressed concern about online sex predators, and Roscoe said, “I am sorry you feel nervousness on that subject. But, truthfully, because of our protocols no-one knows where other people live or work or play, unless that information is shared privately. I expect grown-ups to be cautious about who they allow into their lives. I assume no responsibility for that."

[ Roscoe Forthright's ONENESS2 is an online, zoom-like platform for spiritual group masturbation. FREE FOR ALL! ]

Masturbate with Master Roscoe

The purpose of this religious exercise is self-restraint. Both males and females should learn to reach full arousal, and hold themselves on the cusp of orgasm, at the peak of arousal, where one more small touch of fingers will bring orgasmic bliss. Watching our video, we encourage all viewers to be aroused, to sustain your arousal for 6 minutes, and release your orgasm when you see Master Roscoe drip Sacred Semen.


More advanced practitioners may restrain their orgasms longer, the full 8:40, and orgasm at the end of the video. In the video Master Roscoe deliberately restrains himself from a full orgasm, as he prefers to gush Sacred Cream while kissing Gina and Amber, or shooting into Rosalee's mouth, or have his orgasm while licking Bea's vagina, as she comes on his face. Those are the circumstances which are most satisfying for The Master.