Portland Lodge No. 17

Portland Lodge No. 17


Located just south of Portland, Oregon, in a large boathouse on the Willamette River. Portland Lodge No. 17 is the only Followers of Roscoe Forthright Lodge in the U.S. accessible by boat. Some people travel from Eugene and Salem by motorboat to attend Lodge.

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In Oregon, we hunt. We support the NRA. We think Liberals who want to take away everyone's guns hold no understanding of social reality and have little capacity for rational thought. We are not giving up our guns to anyone. And our girls will keep our guns clean and ready.

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In the Boathouse, we practice all the rituals and ceremonies of the land Lodges, with the added pleasure of swimming naked in the summer, diving off the deck, sitting on the deck sipping Mojitos and Long Island Iced Teas. In addition to our unique location, our Lodge also specializes in sensual massage. Several of our members are professionally trained in massage therapy. The Master of Portland No. 17 frequently employs the technique of Bodhisattva Ass-Rubs, massaging with hands, with elbows, and at last, with the Sacred Erection.  The Sacred Cream gushes over the cheeks and lower back of cheerful, smiling female Followers.


Join us! Visit this site for further pleasures at Bungo Pete.

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