Chapter One. Section 1.

Roscoe Forthright loves to spurt semen onto the breasts of beautiful young women. And so do I.
I am Garabed Gregorian. I have known Roscoe Forthright for forty years. Twenty years before his spiritual revelations, and long before he created his Lodges, and initiated the Sacred Followers of Roscoe Forthright. I became a Sacred Follower in 2011, and have enjoyed spurting semen into the mouths, and onto the breasts of seventeen female Followers.
Roscoe gathered his first three Followers, Gina Swan, Amber Riverwood and Sister Rosalee in Seattle in 2010. They held meetings once a week in Roscoe's cabin in the woods, west of Port Angeles, Washington. The first Lodge building
was purchased in 2014, on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. The second Lodge, purchased in 2016, in Portland, Oregon, a large houseboat on the Willamette River. And, the third Lodge was purchased in Seattle in 2017.

Between 2017 and 2021 there was rapid growth due to a multimillion dollar donation from Anon.Donor. Anon.Donor is the Dutch computer scientist and software programmer who invented and built our proprietary, highly encrypted,
zoom-like platform, Oneness2. Public interest in Oneness2 brought over 500 new Followers into the new Lodges during the past three years. We currently operate 57 Lodges in the U.S. and 15 international Lodges.

Our public website, roscoeforthright.com was created in late Fall, 2020 for the purpose of public awareness and as a free video entertainment library. 99% of the short and long videos on our website were produced in our Lodges by Roscoe Forthright and myself. (I often act as a cameraman, and have never appeared in the published videos.) In 2020, just before the creation of the website Roscoe Forthright began to refer to his Followers as, The Sacred Followers of Roscoe Forthright, and the name is now used on our logo, and in all our Church literature. Prior to 2020, Roscoe simply referred to us all as, “My curious, quirky audience. Those few people who seem to enjoy what I have to say.” That is, he
never considered us a 'congregation' or a group  of religious followers.

To date, our roscoeforthright.com website has received 867, 849 views, with a much larger number of total views of our video collection. As a result, interest in our sex cult is higher than ever. This has created a communication problem, as none of us were prepared to respond to thousands of email questions. We have no Public Relations Department. And we never use mass, generic emails to respond to inquiries. We believe each individual person deserves and individual response, to satisfy their specific requests. With the large volume, personal responses have
become impossible.

This Journal itself, is an effort to address the many questions about our Lodges, and our religious beliefs, and our specific sex rituals. I will devote and entire chapter of this book to the sex rituals, and an entire chapter to the uses, and the
public, global masturbatory pleasures of our Oneness2 zoom platform. At present, this is the best we can do, to satisfy the honest, sincere curiosity of the public. As we move forward we will improve our ability to communicate with
large numbers of people, and bring more Followers into our Lodges. We hope all
interested viewers will watch all our videos, and get an overview, a general understanding of the religion we practice.


Chapter One. Section 2.

Not all sex cult leaders provide their followers with accurate and useful information. Some sex cults are simply money-making enterprises, or sex slave camps for the leaders of the cult. These moronic cults have truly given all cults a
bad name. Sex cults, in general, are viewed by most people as creepy and abusive, to be avoided like Asian drug gangs and the Mafia. Each reader will decide for themselves if our specific cult, in our specific locations, in our place and time,
with our specific, beautiful, young, naked female Followers is worthy of your attention. The reader will decide if our sex cult offers valuable and useful ideas to our 21st Century civilization, specifically civilization as it exists in the United
States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. English-speaking readers are the audience who knows us best.

Some readers currently believe no sex cult can possibly provide anything worthwhile to our civilization. In their minds, sex cults, by their essential definition are nothing worth thinking about. Such readers will be happier if they stop reading this story, right now. There is no
reason for them to proceed. For such readers, spiritual sex rituals, will remain outside their small, indoctrinated, limited imaginations. This is not meant to be an insult. Truthfully, what appeals to any reader relies much on the expansive
capacity of that person's imagination. Closed, small, indoctrinated imaginations are not likely to accept sex rituals as worthwhile. If a person has no capacity to look further than their own nose, nothing I do, or say, or write is likely to
convince them otherwise.

Let's get to it. Having observed his own sexual desire for over fifty years, Roscoe Forthright thought about his own sexual desire, he held it up like an apple, to be examined from all angles.

He bit hard into the apple, until his teeth reached the core. Until his teeth crunched the seeds. Doing all this, Roscoe reached several conclusions:

Most people do not examine their sexuality further than the surface impression,
and whatever current social, or pop culture norms are fashionable.

2.) Most people define and interpret their sexuality as a physical need or craving, like
eating this particular food, or preferring that particular drink.

3.) Few people consider sexual desire and sexual satisfaction as forms of spiritual worship, or
spiritual exploration.

4.) Many people value the pleasure and psychological satisfaction of sex, without looking any further than those immediate, and short-lived
satisfactions. Or worse, some small minds limit the value of sex to the production of babies.
5.) Larger definitions of sexual behavior and sexual experiences, especially when the experience hints toward religious or spiritual experience... such larger definitions are mostly ignored, in favor of modern pop culture definitions, or creepy and small academic definitions, or narrow, mainstream Church definitions.

Larger definitions are often not discussed at all, and considered an impossibility. In other words, if the leaders of a civilization, the secular and religious teachers decide an idea is unimportant or impossible, the rest of us are expected to be
bobble-heads, nodding up and down in agreement with whatever our prestigious
elite have told us. Often we let the prestigious elite define reality for us, in many regards, not just in regard to our sex lives. When the leaders miss the point, or have it all wrong, because they have looked no further than their own noses, millions of people are misled to believe versions of reality, which are essentially and fundamentally inaccurate.

Thinking about all this, examining his own erect cock like a shiny new apple, Roscoe discovered, none, absolutely none of the books he read, nor the scholarly lectures he heard, nor the people he spoke with in private, provided an accurate,
complete and useful view of his apple. And he knew for a fact, his apple, his erect cock, was no different than millions of other apples and erect cocks. Therefore, some new definitions were required, some ideas other people had not
considered. Self-exploration thereby being generalized to define a universal situation, a
universal set of facts, to define the use of human sexuality as a meditative method to attain Oneness. As in the Buddhist sense of Nirvana. Or the Christian sense of touching the Mind of God.


Chapter Sixteen.

Section 4. Amber and Roscoe discuss The Event.

Amber Riverwood said: “Roscoe, what exactly do you want me and the other girls to do? Our videos and our movies are nothing like being on a huge stage in the center of the Dallas Cowboys Stadium. The biggest stage I ever played was
in a strip club in Las Vegas.”

Roscoe replied: Hahahahaah! Oh, sweetie, don't be nervous. All you and the girls need do is sit there, and look pretty, and wave to the crowd like a Walt Disney Princess. You will be sitting naked on-stage, pleasant eye-candy for the audience until the show starts. If you want to you can feed me grapes or massage my feet.”

Amber laughed: “That's it? No sucking on your cock, or whipping out my  vibrator? I can dance to rock and roll. I have been doing that for eight years or more.”
Roscoe: “If you want to. I'm sure the audience would love that. Especially if you danced with Beth. All those fans who have enjoyed your girl-on-girl orgasm videos, will love to see you in person, dancing with Beth on-stage. Truly, we
will be on-stage for only ten or fifteen minutes before the show starts, and we can do whatever we want to. After the superstars come out, and the show gets going, no one will be paying attention to us at all.”

Amber: “Superstars? What superstars? I didn't think you liked any celebrities. Not even that Wonder Woman girl, Gal Gadot. Who did you book for our Big Event?”
Roscoe: “Sweetie, that needs to remain secret, even from you. Believe me, you do not want to know this, because you would never be able to keep it to yourself. I have a difficult time not talking about it, because this kind of show has never happened before. Not ever, in the history of the human race.”

Amber: “What? What the hell are you talking about? Have you been smoking my weed again, or eating my edibles? That sounds like the promotion for most every Hollywood blockbuster.... Never seen before, once in a lifetime, etc, etc.”
Roscoe: “Well. I really mean it. No one has ever thought of this before. No one has been able to get this kind of talent on-stage together, ever. Not ever.”

Amber changed the subject: “Do you really think a stadium full of people is going to want to watch me feed you grapes? I should at least let you eat my pussy, or something fun like that?”
Roscoe smiled: “Yes! That sounds very good to me! Maybe we can do that one thing before the Big Show starts... line you up on my love-seat, all four girls wide open. And I will lick each one of you, several times!”

Amber: “Are we sure their will be no minors in the crowd? What about the live-feed on the web? The camera-people will need something to look at, some other place to go, while you are eating our pussies. You cannot broadcast that to
forty countries across the planet!”
Roscoe: “I will tell the camera people to survey the crowd. Show audience responses to our sexy fun, show audience members interacting with each other, or aerial shots, looking down on me eating you, from 80 feet up in the air, the
camera on a drone, giving a wide view of the ballpark.”

Amber: “That would work. The camera would be too far away to see what is
really going on.”
Roscoe: “As long as I warn the camera people, we can put on a family-friendly show, and not be shut down by corporate and government censors. We are at risk of losing our live-feed if the owners of the stadium, or the internet providers sending our signal to tens of millions of viewers, decide to flip the switch, and cut us off. As good and smart Anon.donor is, he has not invented a way to
circumvent the control of the all internet service providers.”

Amber: “So it is OK for me to suck your cock, as long as the live-feed is showing something else at the time?”
Roscoe: “Exactly. Since we are selling tickets in advance, and requiring ID checks at the door, everyone in the stadium will be legally old enough to watch you sucking my cock. It will be up to the camera-people to get creative, and keep the adult content off the live-feed.”

Amber: “They could show just the top of my bobbing head, like in those cheap porn movies they play in hotel rooms. And never show any of the nasty bits.”
Roscoe: “That is what I will suggest to the camera people. If some of our Sacred Followers decide to have sex with each other during the show, the
cameras can show the girl's smiling face as she is having her orgasms, and never even show her breasts, or one glimpse of her vagina. If we do that, we will have a show with a mild R-rating, and that will fly in most places.”

Amber: “Are you really selling tickets? I thought we never charged people money for our public events?”
Roscoe: “We are not exactly selling tickets, it's more a way to predict the audience size, and not seriously overbook the stadium. We are charging $2 per  person, and they will get an e-ticket to show at the door. Anon.donor hired a
company to make this happen, and keep the emails and contact information of all audience members private. We could not use any existing services and get that level of security. So far, one week out, we have pre-sold 45,000 tickets. It will
be a good turn-out. I expect at least another 20,000 people, maybe more.”
Amber: “Really!! Zowie!”

Roscoe: “Do you still want me to eat your pussy in front of an audience of 65,000 people?”
Amber laughed and laughed: “It is nothing most of them have not seen before. The fact is, many of those people will have watched our videos, and already seen you eating me. This will simply be a much larger setting for the action.”

Roscoe: “Absolutely true. Anon.donor has run the analytics, and it looks like 85% to 90% of our ticket sales have gone to people who have clicked on our videos five or more times. It looks like most of the stadium audience will be video fans, or people who have downloaded our movies. Most all of them will have seen you having an orgasm or two!”
Amber: “So tell me more about the show. What is the plan? How long will all
those people be in the stadium?

Roscoe: “It will be a 2 ½ hour show. Maybe two hours, forty-minutes. We will open with some rock'n'roll, followed by Richard Wagner's Entry   of the Gods into Valhalla, from his opera, Das Rheingold. Our superstar guests will be
introduced with this music. That opening, will be flashy entertainment full of fireworks. And will last about 15 minutes. Next, we will have a 20-minute Oneness Ritual, for the entire stadium, 60 or 70 thousand people in group prayer. By the end of this ritual people will need a bathroom break, so we will have a 15  minute break. And I know many people will want beer and hot dogs by then.

When everyone is back in their seats, each of my guests will have 10 minutes to speak to the crowd, to say whatever is on their minds. This will take about an hour. The closing meditation will be short, perhaps 10 minutes. And we will
close the Event with what can only be described as a rock'n'roll dance party. We will spend at least 20 minute dancing naked and drinking beer before everyone goes home.”

Amber: “Are you sure the big audience will sit still for an hour of preaching from your superstars? Your celebrities must be awfully big for people to pay attention that long.”
Roscoe: “Believe me. After the grand opening, the audience will want to hear what each celebrity has to say. Some of these people have millions of fans, and most people will want to know what the celebrities have to say about Oneness, and about many other things. I wish I could tell you more. But I promised each one, their appearance will be known only to me, until the moment they arrive.
We are not using their names in the promotional publicity. With the turnout we already have, it is clear we did not need to use their names. If we used their names in our promotion, and played promotional ads on the Dallas Evening
News, we would probably be able to fill two stadiums. That is far, far too big for us to handle right now.”

Amber looked at him with her impish smile: “Roscoe you can sure pile on a massive load of bullshit, once you are on a roll. Hahahahaha. I really don't know if I should believe one word you have said. I have never heard you exaggerate like this before. It is really not like you, to talk such big bullshit.

Roscoe smiled: “I know. I know it all sounds ridiculous, and impossible. But I am telling you all I can right now. Once you meet these celebrities, you will understand. These are not people you ever want to make angry, or betray, or tell
lies to. They are truly larger than life. If I had the President of the People's Republic of China, the President of the United States, and all the heads of State in Europe to speak at our event, I would have far less power and intelligence in the place than I have with my celebrities. None of our current world leaders have anything worth saying, compared to my celebrities. And, more important, people will pay attention to my celebrities, and know they are being told the
Absolute Truth. With our political leaders, we all know we rarely hear two complete sentences of truth, after they have spoken for two hours.”

Amber: “I have never heard such admiration in your voice. You are scaring me a bit. You sound like these people are Divine, or Supernatural in some way.”
Roscoe looked at his feet, and whispered, “Perhaps they are.”



Section 5. In the Dallas Cowboys Stadium.

In a period of fifteen years, from three naked young women in a cabin on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, the Sacred Followers of Roscoe Forthright grew in size. After a full year of planning, most of the Followers traveled to
Dallas, Texas for a group ceremony, far larger than any previous ceremony, more than ten times larger than the largest meeting on the zoom-platform Oneness2.

80,000 people, a capacity crowd, joyfully filled the Dallas Cowboys Stadium. 38,543 of them were initiated Sacred Followers of Roscoe Forthright. A stage rose on the fifty-yard line, with seating on the fake grass, matrix turf with helix technology. The Masters of each Sacred Lodge formed these first rows of Followers, seated fifteen yards away from the stage. Roscoe sat on a raised dais,
on a cream-colored love-seat. (Some film fans will recognize this love-seat from Roscoe's film, Sex Rituals, and other short videos. A favorite piece of furniture on which Roscoe boinks Amber, Beth, Rosalee and Gina.)

The girls, Amber and Gina, Rosalee and Beth sit on either side of Roscoe, reclining on wide circular futons, in bright colors, red, lime green, orange and royal blue. The girls are naked. Roscoe is naked beneath his favorite dark green robe, with golden rune symbols on his chest, and vine, stem and leaf pattern embroidery around his wide shoulders. All this we see in close-up on the large stadium view-screens. The erect nipple on Amber's left breast is seen as an object one-foot wide! As sitar music is heard over the sound-system, the loud audience noise diminishes to a whisper, everyone expectant, eager to hear
Roscoe's first words.

“Hello,” Roscoe smiles. “Welcome to our Festival. I will not spoil any surprises. I will simply say, each one of you will be transformed, be transformed
by a spiritual metamorphosis, and leave a different person than when you arrived. I will direct your attention to the air, forty feet above my head.”

As he said this, a spherical cloud appeared, and grew from a few inches to a swirling globe twenty feet wide within a few seconds. The swirling colors were streaks of white and gold. Soon the entire globe began to pulse with single colors, colors rotating in a series: lime, purple, turquoise, forest green, orange, golden yellow, shimmering silver, and dark red. It took a full minute for the orb to cycle through these color changes. The sound of ocean wind accompanied these color changes. It was obvious to all, the ocean sounds were coming from the swirling sphere, not from the stadium sound-system. The audience could
also feel wind on their faces and smell salty air.
From the center of the swirling sphere, the Tibetan God, Chakrasamvara steps forth. He carries in is arms, his naked consort, Vajravarahi. Chakrasamvara and Vajravarahi float slowly down from the cloud to land in the area in front of the
stage. Flashes of lightening and thunder accompany this descent. A few lightening bolts touch the astro-turf, and leave melted puddles of helix technology, surrounded by charring and small flames.

Roscoe said, “This is Tibetan Lord Chakrasamvara and his consort Vajravarahi. Praise them with all your joy!”

On the big screens, the audience saw a close-up of Chakrasamvara, and noticed his bright blue cock was fully erect. Chakrasamvara lifted Vajravarahi up, impaling her vagina with His Sacred Member. Vajravarahi snuggled down,
laughing and smiling, bouncing up and down with Chakrasamvara's big blue balls tucked up tight against her small, firm, round fanny. She wrapped her legs around the God's hips, to secure her position. Chakrasamvara held her large
breasts in two of his twelve hands. With his other ten hands, the God waved to the crowd, encouraging them to cheer and clap their hands. Two pairs of his God-Hands began a rhythmic beat, which was soon picked up by the crowd, and
the entire stadium throbbed to clapping hands and stomping feet, as Vajravarahi bounced on the Sacred Member of Chakrasamvara.

Four minutes later, Lord Shiva swooped down from the sky in his Fire Chariot, through the open dome, straight down from the puffy summer clouds over Texas. Lord Shiva screamed into the stadium, with the sound of a volcano erupting. Lord Shiva leaped from the Chariot to stand next to Chakrasamvara. And the Chariot sped off, skyward, disappearing in clouds far above.

Roscoe said, “This is the Hindu Lord Shiva, Lord Of Gods, Lord of the Universe, The One Who Bestows Prosperity, the Great Lord of Time, the Fierce One. Praise him with all your joy!”

Lord Shiva raised his hands high above his head. And clapped his hands. Two hundred white doves appeared in the center of the stadium and flew off in all directions. The crowd roared. Chakrasamvara and his consort Vajravarahi were
still in Celestial Copulation, so Lord Shiva slapped Vajravarahi on the ass, and the slap echoed like a clap of thunder across the stadium. The beautiful golden-skinned goddess, laughed. The entire stadium laughed!

Moments later, a large angel soared down, circling within the stadium dome, his silver wings were at least fifteen feet across. He wore a bronze helmet, carried a flaming sword in his right hand and a trumpet in his left hand.

Roscoe said, “This is Archangel Gabriel, the Trumpet-Player, the Angel of Revelation, Hero of the Battle of Bahr, Patron Saint of All Messengers. Praise him with all your joy!”

Gabriel landed near Lord Shiva, blew out the flame of his sword, and set the shining blade on the grass. He raised his trumpet and blew four distinctive notes, familiar to all, the fanfare:       Da-Da- Ta-DaaaaaH!

In a booming, theatrical voice, Roscoe said, “And now, for the first time this side of Paradise, three Deities worshiped by billions of people. Never before seen together. Never in ancient times. Never in modern times. For the first time
ever, welcome Guan-yin!!”

Most Texans have no idea who Guan-yin is, but the crowd was so worked-up they would cheer for most anything, so thousands of people stomped their feet, clapped and cheered. A burst of fireworks, sparklers and flames appeared,
between the Four Deities and the very surprised first row of Sacred Followers.

Out from the flames stepped a fragile-looking beautiful Asian woman, wearing no clothes. She held one slender hand, shyly concealing her small breasts. Her other hand was raised aloft in a gesture of welcome. Guan-yin apparently felt no
shyness in showing the world her lovely moist vagina. On the big screen, viewers noticed, the delicate curls of her black pubic hair were moist.

Roscoe said, “This is the Buddhist bodhisattva, Guan-yin. The One Who Perceives the Sounds of the World. The beautiful Avalokiteśvara and Lokesvara. The Sun and Moon were born from her eyes. The winds from her mouth, the
earth from her feet, and the sky from her stomach. Praise her with all your joy!”

The crowd went wild. No one. Not one Sacred Follower of Roscoe Forthright had expected to see a nude Asian Goddess today! Moments later two men dressed in Hawaiian shirts and blue jeans, stepped from the crowd, and slowly
walked together, hand in hand, to stand next to the gorgeous, naked Guan-yin.

Roscoe said, “These men are Lord Jesus Christ and the Prophet Muhammad. Neither man requires an introduction. They have spoken for themselves, and continue to speak in the hearts and minds of billions of people.
Praise them with all your joy!”

The crowd was stunned. For several long seconds the stadium of 80,000 people was absolutely quiet. Then, simultaneously, those 80,000 people clapped hands, cheered or stomped their feet in tremendous joy! Many had tears in their eyes.
98% of this audience were former Christians of one sort or another, and several thousand people were former Muslims. This was too wonderful for words, Jesus and Muhammad together, holding hands, and now taking off their clothes! Oh,
My, God!! What is now going on?!

Guan-yin was helping Jesus and Muhammad get naked. The jeans, Hawaiian shirts and two pairs of checkered boxer shorts now lay on the turf. The central figures of Christianity and Islam now stood naked before a crowd of 80,000
Sacred Followers of Roscoe Forthright, and hundreds of thousands more people who were watching the live-feed simulcast on the internet. Oh, My, God!!

Guan-yin now held the Sacred Penis of Christianity and the Sacred Penis of
Islam in both her slender hands. And the cocks had sprung to life, fully erect!

Everyone could see this in huge detail on the big screens of the stadium.

Guan-yin was jacking them!  Jacking them!!

[ The end of the Journal entries of Garabed Gregorian. ]


Oneness by Roscoe Forthright


Roscoe Forthright ruffles some feathers. His sex rituals, his cult and the physical Lodges in major and minor cities do not sit well in the minds of tens of thousands of people. In our place and time, he tells stories which are completely inappropriate, and might incite some readers to violence. For example,

in the United States of America in 2021 C.E. it is considered evil to tell a story “about Lord Jesus and the Prophet Muhammad holding hands, and being jacked-off by the Buddhist goddess Quan-yin. She also sucks the Sacred Penis of Islam and the Sacred Penis of Christianity, while devout Jews scowl at the Holy Leaders of the other two Abrahamic religions. At last, Jesus and Muhammad spurt generous quantities of sacred semen onto the face of Quan-yin, and into her mouth. The Goddess smiles and swallows their sacred semen.”


A story like that is bound make tens of thousands of faithful followers of those religions very angry. And Roscoe knows this, but he finds telling an allegory, a symbolic story, essential to communicating actual Truth, and actual Reality. In other words, the Truth and Reality of Oneness, which the Abrahamic religions, Buddhism and Hinduism and other faiths have attempted to describe for thousands of years. Our major and minor religions are now accumulations of cultural vanity, impossible back-stories, and ancient rituals, almost entirely meaningless to modern minds. The vulgar, sexual story is intended as a slap in the face. A serious call to: Wake Up!




ΟΜ ┼ ﷼ שּ ┼ АԱΜ



Chapter One.   The Outside Source, Oneness


Not everyone will wish to hear about Oneness, a philosophical opinion from a nobody, a man with no university credentials, authorized by no one, authorized by no established Church Authority. The ideas put forth by this author are simply unpleasant, with explicit descriptions of sexual acts used for religious purposes. Such ideas are not for small, unimaginative or timid minds. In this author's view, it is the small, unimaginative and often defective minds of state, federal and global leaders of government and business which attempt to define Reality for all the rest of us. And those minds truly make a mess of things, causing world wars, and global economic disasters, and lead to events like the spread of Covid, and perhaps the invention of Covid. Perhaps fifty or sixty years from now, we will learn the truth, and someone will admit: the virus was created, deliberately to decimate elderly populations.


Let's start with a few tentative definitions, which we can change later if we wish to: “God” is an ambiguous word, left open to many contradictory and confusing definitions. Each religion builds their own back-story, with or without historical or observable evidence. Many attempts to define God are sincere attempts to describe Spiritual Reality, but those attempts are often limited by context and cultural backdrop. Sincere religious thinkers of Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism and all the rest, attempt to describe Reality using the language and concepts of their culture, and therefore mix observable reality with invented ideas, ideas not related to the actual spiritual experience nor the actual observable reality of any specific religious moment.


I do the same. We use the tools we have. Our language, and the points-of-reference of any generation of people change over time. Commonly understood concepts from 100 years ago, are often unknown, or completely debunked today. I replace the word God, with the word Oneness. I drop the personification, the “Omniscient Old Man With a Beard,” and the imagined idea of One Entity, a single Omnipotent, Omniscient Entity, physically separate from us, deliberately separate from all humans, and separate from all the rest of Creation. “Oneness” suggests there is no One Entity separate from all humans. Oneness suggests we are all contained within One Spiritual Entity, we are living cells within the body of God. All observable things, both living and inanimate, are contained within a Single Conscious and Living Oneness. “Oneness” thereby becomes a larger and more inclusive word, and slightly more specific than the word “God.”

Of course, this presents several problems. First of all, observable reality is in the eye of the beholder, complete with all the cultural prejudices and physical limitations of the observer. We now have electron microscopes and other devices to aid our observations. Using our own physical bodies, we do not get to see microbes without assistance. But our devices themselves are limited in scope. And our cultural overlays, can act as blind-spots, making accurate observations difficult. In discussing observable reality, we soon discover our own imagination, what we extrapolate or invent based on what we have observed, our extrapolations and other inventions of our personal imagination become part of observable reality, and inseparable from our observed reality.


Scientific observation, using the scientific method in the strictest sense is not possible when we discuss Oneness, or any spiritual experience. My experience of Oneness is essentially different from the experience of other people, because of the workings of my own imagination, and what I personally bring to the experience. This statement of fact does not nullify or diminish the existence or value of spiritual experience. It simply says, spiritual experiences cannot be nailed down, quantified and defined as clearly as a math equation or as a repeatable scientific experiment. The innate nature of what we are observing, the Oneness Itself, is too variable to make use of the standard scientific method.


Living in a rationalist and scientifically-oriented civilization, we have trouble with things not easily defined by our Sacred Scientific Method. We recognize love exists, but we have made little progress in defining love by using our Sacred Scientific Method. Likewise, the scientific method makes little progress in attempting to define Oneness. Like love, Oneness can be observed through personal experience, but is not easily defined. Though hundreds of millions of people agree, love exists. The experience varies widely from one person to the next.


As a composer of music, I work with intangible realities on a daily basis. Music is not as easily observable as a bowling ball or a bomb exploding. I do not rely on math nor the scientific method to create symphonies and string quartets. I rely heavily on my own imagination, but my imagination extends further than my own set of experiences, and my own personal inventions. That is, I rely on intuition and input from elsewhere. The elsewhere is in fact, the Oneness. Christian composers in previous centuries, like Bach and Handel, attributed the outside input to God. And they sincerely appreciated the creative input of God.


I wish to stress the importance of this shared spiritual experience. I am not the first composer to notice the music is flowing through me, as if from somewhere outside my own mind, and I am busy taking dictation, trying to keep up with the incoming transmission. Other artists and inventors and scientists make intuitive leaps, as if ideas are coming from elsewhere. Many have noticed this phenomenon, and describe the phenomenon in various ways. As a composer, I get the process started, and I have some skills in the craft of music, knowing what instruments do, and knowing how to write musical thoughts on paper. Beyond that, once I initiate the process of composing, often the Oneness takes over, and the composition proceeds. I edit and organize the material, and I take full credit for that part of the activity. But I cannot, in all honesty, take credit for the flow of musical ideas, nor the invention of each and every musical idea. My personal intellect is not the only intellect at work during my minutes and hours of music composition.


I am aware, not all artists feel this way about their work. Many want to take complete and absolute credit for every little thing, and hold intellectual property rights on each and every little thing. To each their own. I am reporting my observation of what occurs in my own creative process, as honestly as I am able. What happens in other people's minds, I cannot accurately say.


There is a sense of Mystery in all this. In our 21st Century, our widely accepted cultural, social, scientific and religious definitions of reality do not accurately describe or define what occurs when I am in the act of creation, interacting with the Outside Source, interacting with the Oneness. I did not invent this Mystery. The Mystery exists, like the Rings of Saturn. The Mystery defines itself. I do my best to report my experiences accurately. And that leads to many questions about our widely accepted views of physical and spiritual reality.


If my perceptions and observations of the Outside Source, the Oneness are accurate, what am I tapping into, or what is tapping into me? What can I say about the Oneness, in addition to providing music inspiration, and helping me create my best pieces of music? Are there other occasions when I feel connected to some Reality, larger than myself?


Yes. Sometimes, walking in the woods, or looking at a sunset, or listening to a hermit thrush singing some distance off in the woods. I notice the presence of a welcoming calmness, a sense of joy, a sense of belonging. I sense I belong in that environment just as much as the hermit thrush, and I am connected to the hermit thrush in a personal way. We are sharing the same woods at the same moment. I have no idea what the bird thinks, and have no way of knowing. But I know my overwhelming sense of belonging, and my overwhelming sense of joy. These are felt things, not scientifically provable, or repeatable as a scientific experiment.


I cannot imagine I invented my own joy. I did not intend, or plan ways to stimulate or create my feelings of joy. The joy occurs as a response to things outside myself: the woods, the sunset, the thrush, whatever I am observing at the moment. And what accounts for the feeling of belonging?

That is entirely irrational by contemporary views of science and logic. I could not survive more than a few days on my own in the forest. Chipmunks are far better equipped for this environment. What leap of imagination makes me feel I belong here as much as the ferns, the moss, the pine, cedars, mushrooms, blackberry vines, the owls, hawks, woodpeckers and that river otter out in the bay? None of these living things requires my presence, and most birds and mammals prefer I were not there!


I attribute the joy and the sense of belonging to the Oneness. In my view of reality, all those living things are aspects of One Divine Source, just as I am an aspect of One Divine Source. I feel joy and belonging, because I am observing a remarkable fact of existence: Each aspect of the environment, an environment I enjoy, is spiritually connected to me. Even if the owl and the chipmunk wish I would go away, they are simply being self-protective, and see me as a threat or a nuisance. They certainly hold no aggression toward me. (And that situation is much better than with some humans, who want to raid my wallet, or kill me because I am an American, or an infidel, or a heterosexual male, or for some other silly reason. The hate lists of humans are eternally long. I doubt other mammals ever kill from a feeling of hate.)



Other interactions with Oneness are worth mentioning. I have been moments away from death on several occasions, dangerous miscalculations on my part, swimming out too far in Lake Michigan, and not appreciating the force of undertow currents on the Pacific Coast. I might have drowned on both occasions, but did not because the Oneness got people's attention, and people came to save me. Also, two car accidents, where the cars were crushed to useless hunks of metal, and I was barely scratched.


These events evade rational explanation. I was saved, when other people have died in such situations, or situations far less extreme. I took these close encounters with death very personally. I really enjoy being alive on most days. I took each incident as a reminder to get as many good things done as possible, with whatever time I have left. Each of those events would have put an abrupt end to my creation of music and all my feelings of Earthly joy.


I have know way of knowing what happens after this current life. This life provides me plenty to think about. I need not speculate for one second what happens after I cease to breathe.


The main problem I have with most popular religions is their passion for talking at length about what happens after I cease to breathe. As if I care what happens after I cease to breathe. Dealing with daily issues and lifetime issues is more than enough to occupy my time. Putting so much emphasis on afterlife, or sin, or karma, or rebirths confuses the issues at hand, the immediate issues of getting people to behave responsibly here and now. Such talk confuses all issues of perception of reality, placing cultural overlays over any rational perception, piling up the back-stories of this or that philosophic school, and truthfully accomplishing nothing at all. People choose to improve themselves or not. People are rarely forced by language, or by religious stories, or by physical force, to become better people. In this regard, Freemasonry is an interesting philosophic school, where people are encouraged to improve themselves, without signing-up for any specific religious, political or social belief system.


I do not wish to diminish the value of our establish religions. I am simply offering additional information, an alternative point-of-view. Most humans have difficulty changing their belief systems, even when presented with new, sincere, thoughtful and accurate information. My experience with Oneness demanded my attention, and required me to accept my new perceptions as part of our collective Reality. I revised my belief system to accommodate the new information.


If more people perceived themselves as immediately connected to all other people, as being together in a Universal Oneness, they might behave better. Blowing each other up, shooting bullets at each other is not a conceivable option for people who accept and understand Oneness. To blowup someone is to blowup your own sister or brother, or blowup a part of yourself. Sane people do not blow themselves up. Chipmunks, geese, river otters, deer and most other creatures do not intentionally kill themselves.


Even those creatures are more sane than many people. Their sense of Oneness is their personal imperative for survival, completely opposed to self-destruction. And they care nothing at all for philosophical differences, afterlife beliefs, or several centuries of religious back-stories.


After humans solve the problem of personal, physical survival, our minds wander. For most of us, the immediate problem of making money occupies much of our lives. But our minds wander, and we know the immediate practical needs are not the only needs worth thinking about. Millions of people perceive spiritual truth beyond their practical daily reality. Our religions exist for that reason, to give form and direction to spiritual perceptions. I have adopted my view of Oneness as a way to remove the accumulated clutter of centuries, to remove unnecessary religious back-stories and focus my attention on my own personal experience in this life, here and now. No ancient story is as relevant as what is going on in my immediate place and time.


Our immediate place and time is where good things occur. Not in the distant past. Not in some imagined future. As I mentioned above, our understanding of Reality improves only because people pay attention to their surroundings. Observable Reality is the only reality. When we combine our experienced reality, with the accumulated knowledge of other people, accurate information from previous generations, we are much better equipped to create sustainable civilizations. Our current civilization staggers like a drunken sailor, or flops around on deck, like a desperate fish gasping.


We can do better than that.



ΟΜ ┼ ﷼ שּ ┼ АԱΜ