Our short videos introduce each of our beautiful, naked sexual teachers, and are good overview of what we do in the Meditation Centers. We do many of these things in our daily lives, having more to do with love, joy and fun than anything most  people would consider spiritual learning or meditation for higher consciousness. The fact is, love, joy and fun can be Universal Gates to our spiritual selves. We wish more people understood this simple, basic fact of human existence.

Quick Short List on Google:

Welcome! If you want to get the most out of visits to our website, and your in-person visits to our physical locations, our Meditation Centers, you will need some basic information.


By necessity, we are a bit secretive about our locations, and what goes on in our religion. There are too many nasty motherfuckers in the world, who enjoy causing trouble, and we wish to avoid such people. This includes evading the snooping of corporations and governments. Our encrypted zoom-platform, Oneness2 is a threat to corporate and government control over the internet. Governments and corporations truly wish to hack of all users of the internet, at all times. Already, some powerful people are upset. We have more privacy and more Free Will than they do, and that really pisses them off. Such people wish to control what all the little slaves do, and we are far off the Politically-Correct Reservation. We are operating by algorithms and ideas which are beyond their control, and this irritates both Liberals and Conservatives, and all people who seek to control the way millions of people view Reality. Free Thinking is no longer allowed in many places. There is so much NewSpeak  propaganda, Freedom itself is no longer possible in many places. Oneness2, and our whole way of living, is a threat to all forms of dictatorial control. We will not be economic slaves to governments or corporations.  We refuse to buy the bullshit of the current leaders of our global civilization.

Our People:


Roscoe Forthright began as a gardener in a Catholic coven. He took to spanking the Little Sisters, after the nuns discovered a new book of the Old Testament, the Book of Heggai.  Roscoe made their vaginae wet, and shot streams of semen into their eager mouths. Roscoe then become a documentary filmmaker, creating historical archives of the Little Sisters as they moved from Catholicism to pagan witchcraft, and finally became the founders of the Sacred Followers of Roscoe Forthright. Roscoe experienced several spiritual revelations, which allowed him to invent the philosophy which serves as the foundation for our current beliefs and rituals, as practiced daily by over 720 Followers, in 74 locations in the U.S., Canada and other places. As spiritual leader, he continues to use video as a primary means of sacred communication with his followers, and with everyone interested in his sex rituals and his 21st Century theosophy.


Amber Riverwood is Roscoe's primary witch, along with Gina Swan. They both suck Master Roscoe's sacred erection, and swallow his sacred semen. Amber comes from a solitary witchcraft tradition, and brings here knowledge of occult scrying, tarot and magick to our Meditation Centers. She also serves as business administrator for all locations.


Gina Swan is the producer behind all the videos on archive.org, and lives with Roscoe most of the time. This allows her to get spiritual information first-hand, and make many videos.  Often videos on archive. org are published the same day they are created.


Bea Seadottir and Sister Rosalee are lead instructors at the Meditation Centers, traveling often to visit each physical location, to teach and present new rituals. Both girls enjoy many hours of sex with the new initiates, bringing each novice into full sexual communion with the Sacred Followers of Roscoe Forthright.


Beth Darmstadt is Master Rosoce's favorite human female.  He has sex with her more often than with any other person.  There are good reasons for this.  She raises his spiritual awareness and sexual joy in ways no woman before her has ever managed to do.