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Bea Seadottir

Jack it for me. Take of those pants and get comfortable. I am Bea Seadottir. An Icelandic girl, raised in France, and living in British Columbia, in the woods, in Canada. In the Meditation Centers of Roscoe Forthright, I teach oral sex. I teach fifty ways to suck, lick, kiss and caress miraculous erect cocks.

You. You, wherever you are, watching this video. If you are a boy. Take out your smooth, soft cock. And jack it for me. You are my novice. My initiate. My student. I will teach you a thing or two. I wish to see your soft flesh grow full. Full and hard. Ready to take into my mouth. Squeeze your cock. Stroke your cock. Slap that little fellow around. As you watch Master Roscoe pump me from behind. He loves to hold my soft fanny, and slap against me. He loves to bury his aching cock inside me tight, warm, eager vagina.

In other videos, on our website, you will see my mouth full of cock. Full of long, thick, eager, young cock. Imagine your cock is that cock. Imagine my mouth closed tight, closed tight around your cockhead. Feel the suction of my mouth around your cockhead. Imagine my tongue, making circles around your cockhead, while it is swollen, up full, held inside my mouth. Imagine your whole cock in my mouth, aching and tingling in my mouth.

Are you still jacking it? Are you still, full and hard for me? Do not stop. And, do not come. Do not gush your beautiful, delicious, load of sacred semen. Do not ejaculate, until I tell you to ejaculate. Hold it back. Wait for me. You will learn nothing at all, if you just whack it off. Practice self-control. Practice restraint. Savor each moment of pleasure.  Make those moment last. Focus your mind on the intense pleasure of your full cockhead. Make the pleasure last longer, with self-control.

Now you are ready to see more of me. Watch Amber use her dildo on me. Watch Roscoe eat my pussy. Watch me spread my thighs over Roscoe's face. Watch me sit on his mouth, and hold his face snug into my wet, vaginal lips. That should give you some good ideas.

Something to think about whenever you want to smile. Stroke your cock for me. Take your balls in your other hand and caress them. Keep yourself fully erect for me. That is what good students do.  Good students get to come in my mouth.

Imagine more. Imagine your shaft, tight inside my pussy, pumping me from behind, just like Roscoe pumps me from behind. Now imagine, I stand over your face, holding your head in my hands. Holding your mouth against my sweet-smelling, honey-tasting pussy lips. You can lick me as long as you wish to lick me. I will reach behind my fanny, and jack your cock with both of my hands as you lick me. Imagine all this. And jack it for me.

This is the truth. Using your imagination is the very first lesson in the sacred rites of Roscoe Forthright. Your imagination gets the job done. Even when there is no handy, friendly, human female in the room with you. You can bring them, fully into your mind. Even when no cheerful, happy, eager, beautiful, human female is in the room, to suck you off. Think about me. Watch this video. I will suck you off. In your imagination. If you come to our Meditation Centers, I may suck you off in person. That is one of my jobs as a teacher of spiritual boys. You will gush cream into my mouth. You will gush cream on my smiling face. You will gush another load of cream into my mouth. And, I will swallow your semen. I will swallow your cream, and lick every drop from your satisfied cock.
Now. Come for me. Ejaculate for me. Shoot cream for me. I love when you ejaculate for me.

Welcome to the Meditation Centers of  Roscoe Forthright.

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