NO. 8  by

Gina Caprice Swan

Spurting Sacred Ejaculate


Let us consider spurting cream into, onto or very close to beautiful naked women.


Many people have sent e-mails, wanting to know more about our sex rituals. They want to know exactly what we do when we light candles, and kneel in front of our altars. They want to know what words we say, and what sexual positions we use.


I really cannot tell you all those details. Only initiated members of our Lodges are taught those things. I can talk about our rituals in general ways. I can compare our rituals to the kinds of sex we have all seen seen, in porn and in our own lives.


The most important ritual action is Roscoe spurting his sacred ejaculate into, onto or very close to beautiful naked women. The beautiful naked women are Sacred Followers of Roscoe Forthright. Most are heterosexual or bisexual. Even our gay and lesbian Followers enjoy seeing Roscoe spurt his sacred ejaculate. We all enjoying seeing cream spurt from joyful erections.


In our Lodges, when we are performing rituals, I hold Roscoe's cock in my hand, or in my mouth. I squeeze his balls. I hold him and caress him for awhile, until he gushes thick semen onto my hard nipples, or spurts cream into the air. I can close my eyes, and hear the jizz rush past my face.


Rosalee and Amber hold Roscoe's cock in their mouths, or in their joyful vaginas, until he shoot creams into their mouths or vaginas, or shoots cream onto their beautiful smiling faces, or shoots cream on their puffy, aroused pussy lips. Beth is a handjob, expert. Most often she will jack Roscoe, slow and fast, sometimes using only her fingertips, lightly touching the full cockhead. Sometimes she squeezes Roscoe's cock hard, holding the cockhead close to her open mouth. After this, Beth takes him full into her vagina, bucking against him, until he shoots cream into her, or onto her belly, or onto her pussy lips.


Rosalee and Amber truly enjoy taking cock into their anuses. They love being pumped in the ass. For this reason, on special occasions, on the Spring and Fall Equinox, and on the Summer and Winter Solstices, Roscoe pumps them vigorously. The girls brace themselves on the solid oakwood altar, and get rammed hard from behind. Roscoe continues until he gushes semen into their assholes.


Most of the time, in most of our Lodges, taking it in the ass is saved for special occasions: Seasonal changes, weddings, funerals, and the rituals of Beltane, the May Festival. Most of the time, in most of our Lodges, semen is ejaculated very close to beautiful naked women. Not into or onto the women.


There is ritual tension, and ritual beauty when the boys keep their erections a few inches away from the girls, and orgasm into the air. They come into the air, just inches away from open mouths, warm breasts, fannies, and wet pussy lips. Many of our boys enjoying kissing the girls, or hold hard nipples in their mouths as they come, as they make the girls come. Female orgasms are every bit as important as spurting cocks.


Generally speaking, every boy in our Lodges gets-off at least once during our sacred rituals. Sometimes, the younger men come two or three times. Keep in mind, our rituals often last all day. And some of us take naps during the breaks between different ceremonies.