Small and Defective Imaginations.

Small and Defective Imaginations.


As a human civilization we need to recognize the pervasive problem of small and defective imaginations. Over the past 50 years, government leaders, corporate leaders, leaders of religions, leaders of education, leaders of science and technology have all proven to possess small and defective imaginations. Scientific, technological or economic geniuses often lack all ability to use their brilliant minds to solve large social problems. They often attempt social engineering, attempt to force their will on all the rest of us. And of course, since they consider themselves the best minds of humanity, they are certain they provide the best solutions.


Four examples will suffice. 1.) Aaron Swartz, death by his own government. 2.) The 2008 economic crash. 3.) Roman Catholic priest pedophilia. 4.) Covid pandemic.


Example number 1.) Aaron Swartz is the young genius who killed himself, after being trapped and harassed by his own Federal Government. In a press release by the U.S. Attorney (Carmen Ortiz) in the District of Massachusetts on July 19, 2011, there was no mention of Swartz's programming skills, his genius or his contributions to society. He co-developed RSS, a system of constantly updating subscription feeds, at age 14 - instrumental in creation of Reddit - a proponent of free information, and he was a re-thinker of copyrights). He hacked JSTOR, and downloaded million of academic papers. Which harmed no one at all. However, the full force of the U.S. government was not satisfied and an investigation involving the Secret Service, the U.S. Attorney's Cybercrime Unit and the Cambridge Police Department ensued ... as did a lengthy court battle which was to conclude with a trial in 2013. The United States Government submitted to the court on January 14, 2012 to have the case against Swartz dropped, and many academics whose articles were on JSTOR were moved to start sharing their articles at no charge.


That entire scenario could have been avoided if a few law enforcement agents, and the Federal Prosecutors used their imaginations. They did not. And one of our best geniuses died.


Example number 2.) Some man-made disasters are entirely avoidable. But a handful of people decide the personal economic rewards far out-weight any vast social destruction, and they proceed, and they feel good about themselves and feel good about their skyrocketing bank accounts. That is the economic crash of 2008. The bankers knew exactly what they were doing, and knew the risks, and none of those facts stopped them, and no federal or state laws stopped them. Both the bankers and the government had truly defective imaginations.


Example number 3.) The Roman Catholic Church is not the only organization to ignore human rights abuses, and specifically, sexual abuses. I use the Catholic Church as one example of the larger problem. The leaders, who are ultimately responsible for what their employees (or priests) do, decided it was better to hide the problem, to pay out hundreds of millions of dollars in lawsuits, to silence the issue, rather than to fix the problem. The leaders chose not to examine the root causes of the problem, and fix the root causes, and young men and women were abused for many decades. The Popes and the Cardinals found no consolation in their own religion, and no solutions within their defective imaginations.


Example number 4.) Covid. We will probably never know the facts, the whole truth about where Covid came from. It is very likely Covid-19 was genetic engineering, for the purpose of depopulation of our planet. Some very wealthy people really like that idea, the idea of killing off the elderly, and reducing the global population. To leave the planet to be enjoyed and run by the elite, with a massive reduction in the slave population who services that elite.

It was noticeable, the French virologist & Nobel laureate, Luc Montagnier. has claimed that Coronavirus originated in a lab.

​Luc Montagnier's research was based on the fact that COVID-19's genome has elements of HIV & Malaria germ. Covid-19 as an invented and deliberately designed killer virus gives us all something to think about. Even if it came from nature, which seems unlikely, but remotely possible, our world leaders responded with no agile and useful forms of human imagination. Our world leaders proceeded to destroy the economy of their own nations, and send millions of citizens into poverty and debt, from which many millions of people will never recover.


The response of our world leaders also looks deliberate. This gave them the opportunity to finally, and completely subdue their citizens, and was a great benefit to corporate businesses, specifically because the lock-down has had the economic result of annihilating the middle class. Moving forward, we will have in most places, the very rich, and the struggling poor, with millions fewer people in the middle.


This horrid lack of imagination on the part of world leaders is perhaps the worst example of all. This lack of imagination can destroy our civilization, or change our civilization, to make it unrecognizable. In the view of billions of people, the new altered form of human civilization will look nothing like what billions of people imagined the word 'civilization' meant. A small, all-powerful, dictatorial elite, with billions of very poor people doing what they are told to do, being economic slaves for their entire lifetimes.